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About Us

Pantheon Consulting is a concern owned by Nanu Corporate Consultants Private Limited, a Company based in India, registered under Indian Companies Act in the year 2000.

We provide accounts outsourcing services which include accounts production, bookkeeping, VAT, payroll processing and personal tax returns to various firms, SMEs and large corporates; with experience in majority of software like QuickBooks, KashFlow, Sage, Taxcalc, and Xero.

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Our Services

Administration expenses are a substantial cost for any organisation. These costs can be greatly reduced by outsourcing such tasks to Pantheon Consulting. Here, a committed team of experienced professionals will strive to ensure significant cost savings for your firm.

We drive cost savings and business efficiencies through the provision of knowledge process outsourcing, corporate advisory and back office recruitment services to a range of organisations across the UK.

Our services help our clients grow their top-line and increase their productivity, especially across low-margin, high input compliance functions such as finance, accounts, payroll and recruitment.

Our mission statement,

Quality in time, quality with privacy

Ensures you can rest assured about our punctuality and secure handling of your data.

Is your staff occupied in bookkeeping? Outsource it to us and allocate your valuable staff in other important tasks and stay competitive in the market. Bookkeeping outsourcing will help you decrease your costs and you can also see an increase in your profits by 50%. Focus on business procurement and handling your core business functions, let us complete your bookkeeping functions at a reasonable cost.
Our team of experts can handle any payroll requirement whether it is payroll summary sheet, reports, pay slips, issuing P45, Annual forms like P14/60, P35, reminder for PAYE liability, cheque processing and delivery or employee insurance deductions. Focus on growing your business and cut down your operation costs by outsourcing payroll functions.
Payables & Receivables
Invoice management is a tedious task for an organisation. It directly affects the cash flow of an organisation. Money is essential to keep the business running.
With Pantheon Consulting as your accounts payable/receivable partner, your invoices will be managed before the due date. Immediately after receiving the invoice, relevant entry will be posted in the software and the deadlines will be established. Clients will be pursued accordingly for pending dues. We will attempt the timely payments from the clients and settle their accounts. You can easily access your monthly, quarterly or annual reports at any time and also see co-relations between the cheques issued and the invoices that have received payment.
We will manage the activity effectively and efficiently and will ensure no cash crunch in the organisation.
If you require your accounts to be made department specific, we can handle this tedious accounting requirement for you at a lower cost. The trial balance statements and profit and loss statements provided by us will help you compare the profit/loss contributions of each department within your company and make informed business decisions.
Tax Returns
Whether you are an individual, employee, employer or corporation, we can help you with self-assessment tax returns. Give us a few of your details and we will file your self-assessment tax returns before the deadline.
After the tax period, it is the time for tedious and time consuming VAT returns. Save your cost and effort by outsourcing VAT returns to Pantheon Consulting. We handle VAT calculations, VAT return consulting and VAT administration and ensure correct VAT return forms and minimal VAT returns. Provide us your income related documents and leave the rest to us.
Corporation Tax is a vital part to be kept in mind during finalisation of accounts. After successful finalisation of accounts, it’s time for Corporation Tax filing. Get rid of your corporate tax headaches by simply outsourcing your CT-600 to Pantheon Consulting.
Keep a track on the financial progress of your project with project accounting or job cost accounting. Since a project may last from a few weeks to many years, your budget may also get revised. We can create financial reports for your projects that can help you in project management.
Our project accounting services can help you compare your current budget with your previous budgets. We can calculate funding advances and actual-to-budget cost variances. With us maintaining your project accounting requirements, you can get feedback on the important decisions that you have made.
Consturction Industry
Are you a contractor or an organization that has a high annual spend on construction? If yes, you will have to follow the rules set by the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) on how payments to subcontractors for construction work must be handled. We can check if CIS applies to you and help you get started with CIS. Our team can maintain monthly returns and records under CIS. Leave all your CIS worries to us and concentrate on your core business functions.
Get rid of your stock accounting headaches by simply outsourcing your services to Pantheon Consulting. Stock controlling is a critical matter for an organisation. If you possess too much control over it, you will end up having your money tied up. If you possess too little, you might face production problems. Pantheon can handle all your stock accounting functions, so that you can exercise stock control.

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